Private Offices

Private offices offer dedicated spaces for businesses looking for a quiet and confidential work environment separated from other companies. Explore customisable private office spaces to suit your company's needs.

People working in a private office space

What are private offices?

Private offices provide separated, soundproofed spaces exclusively for your business, allowing full control over the environment and enhanced privacy compared to coworking spaces. You can rent a private office in serviced, managed, leased and subleased office spaces. These types of office spaces all offer a variety of services to meet your tailored business needs.

Types of private office spaces

There are four options when it comes to finding private office space to rent. These include serviced, managed, leased and subleased offices.

Serviced offices

Serviced offices are move-in-ready spaces from day one. This type of private office space comes fully furnished and includes comprehensive amenities and on-site support services from the office provider. Serviced offices are perfect for small and large businesses looking for flexible office space to rent. London has some of the most serviced offices per capita in the world. Manchester is a close second in the UK for the serviced office rental market.

Two women enjoying kitchen facilities at a serviced office space

Managed offices

Managed offices are an alternative flexible solution to serviced offices as they are still managed by a third-party and billed on an all-inclusive monthly fee. Managed offices are different because they offer a customisable blank canvas to craft your ideal office space environment, tailored to your specific requirements. Managed office spaces to rent are a great option for startups and SME’s who are looking to make a private office space their own.

Leased offices

Leased offices refer to the long-term rental of unfurnished "Grade A" offices for maximum flexibility. This means that the private office space tenants are responsible for all furnishings and equipment fit-outs. The initial set up costs for leased private offices are generally higher than serviced offices, however, given that the lease terms for this type of private office is longer, leased offices may be a more cost-effective solution for larger, established companies in the long run.

Subleased offices

Subleased offices give tenants a flexible solution to access leased private offices for shorter rental periods at cost-effective rates.

All of these private office spaces have their benefits. If you're still not sure what the perfect solution for you is, check out our handy guide on how to find the right workspace for your team.

What facilities do private office spaces offer?

This depends on whether you opt for a fully fitted private office space to rent or a “Grade A” condition office. Most private offices are equipped with essential utilities and services, including high-speed internet, cleaning services, reception staff, WiFi connectivity, kitchen facilities, mail handling, and dedicated security.

Business employees working in a private office space

The benefits of private office spaces


Private offices handle sensitive data and client information with complete discretion.

Customised solutions

Private offices allow tenants to create an office space that reflects your company's unique identity.

Focus and productivity

Private offices give tenants the ability to maintain productivity and concentration in a quiet, private environment.

Professional status

Having your own private office allows you to elevate your business image and instills confidence in employees and clients. Locations like Shoreditch, Waterloo, Paddington and Fitzrovia offer some of the most prestigious and luxurious office space for private rent.

Cost considerations for private offices

How much office space per person? While private offices command a premium due to their exclusivity, long-term leases can often prove more cost-effective over time. When it comes to serviced offices, you are looking at £850 per month per person at office providers such as Fora, or £700 per month per person at WeWork.

Private office space in Fora The Smiths Building

Where can I find a private office?

To find private offices, you can use our custom search page for anything from 1-10 desks to 50+ desks.