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Found was created to reinvent the search for workspace. To make it uncomplicated, efficient and enjoyable, by delivering an unparalleled service and experience for every client. We’ve taken our understanding of Space, Place and People and used it to shape and define our ethos.

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We are humanising the workspace. Any company can be good, but it's people are what can make it great. This means moving away from a one-dimensional perspective of workspace, dictated solely by bottom line numbers, and towards a more holistic approach which places employee wellbeing and happiness front and center. 
Balancing company goals and objectives with employee needs can be a challenge. This is why we make understanding your people and your company a priority, so that we can find you a workspace that meets the needs of both.

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Where we work has changed. The rise of flexible working, aided by modern technology, has meant our 'place of work' is no longer one defined place - work can happen anywhere, anytime. 
Understanding this is crucial when deciding what 'place' means to your business. Is one central headquarters core to your culture or are multiple, smaller hubs and meeting spaces more fitting to your needs? Should your workspace be in close proximity to major travel hubs? Or would your employees prefer to skip public transport and opt for a short cycle to work? 
There is no 'one-size-fits-all' answer; each company's journey to finding the perfect place is completely individual. It's our job to ask the right questions and use our industry expertise to help navigate you to your destined location.

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The 'office' has changed, it's no longer just four walls, desks and chairs. It’s a home for your business and a space that needs to breathe productivity, collaboration and a culture that has the needs of its people at its core.  Flexibility, natural light, outdoor space, wellness facilities, design and state-of-the-art technology are some of the instrumental ingredients in finding the right space for your team. 
Your business also comes with it's own unique set of requirements, preferences and limitations; and it’s vital that your workspace accounts for all of these. Our talent lies in understanding those needs and translating them into the perfect solution for you. Every time.

Isaac Tonkin - Found CEO

About our Founder

As a Founder with over a decade of sales and management experience, I thrive under pressure and relish environments where I can drive positive and lasting change to a business; illustrated by first stepping into an executive management role at the age of 26. Leading and motivating by example, as well as fostering a collaborative, energetic and progressive culture, have been key in how I have created world-class sales organisations.

Working in the commercial real estate sector over the past five years - launching 27 buildings across London - I’ve been at the forefront of how work culture is changing and have a deep understanding of how commercial real estate has needed to evolve to accommodate this.

Driven by my desire to create an impact, I am now proud to launch Found, which I am confident will become the most trusted commercial real estate platform, by connecting with individuals and companies on a more authentic level. Found is the future; here to disrupt the industry by reimagining the relationship between providers, agents and businesses.

I am focused, driven and value honesty above all, believing it to be essential for productive collaboration and lasting relationships, both inside of work and out of it. I balance my time in the city running Found, with a love of exploring the countryside with my dogs, and the world with my other half. I’m a strong advocate for the normalisation of, and more awareness around, mental health. I have a love of sport, physical exercise and wellbeing in general, believing it to be integral to what makes me tick.

About our Team

The team at Found is growing fast! We are a bunch of highly motivated and well-rounded individuals who are passionate about working hard to make the lives of our clients easier. Here are a few of our friendly faces...

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